Why pay over $125 for the whole panel when you only need a few buttons?

Why IHKAButtons.com?

"IHKA" is an acronym for the German words "Intergriertes Heizung und Klima Automatic", which translates directly to "Integrated Heating and Automatic Climate."

This is the name by which BMW refers to the car's heating & air conditioning systems -- think of it as the German way of saying "HVAC".

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Welcome to IHKAButtons.com...

If you own a BMW E39 5-Series (1996-2003) or E53 X5 (1999 - 2006), your climate control buttons are eventually going to crack, break, fall out, or possibly even get sucked out by a vacuum cleaner. Perhaps you're here because they're already cracked, broken, or missing...

BMW will only sell you the entire set of buttons at a cost of $125 or more. Why should you pay that much just to replace a broken button or two? Now you have a more cost effective alternative; Order just the buttons you need right here at IHKAButtons.com. You'll get OEM BMW Buttons at a fraction of the cost of the entire set. Installation is -- literally -- a snap.

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